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Registraion for Exams

Registration for modular Exams for Master Program

Students who want to take an modular exam from the master program defined by following:

  • Selected Topics of Vehicle Engineering (#33971/audit scope 8 SWS),
  • Special Topics of Vehicles (#36641/audit scope 4 SWS),
  • Selected Topics of Vehicle Propulsions (#78041/audit scope 8 SWS),
  • Special Topics of Vehicle Propulsions (#78061/audit scope 4 SWS),
  • Selected Topics of Motor Vehicles Mechatronics (#33981/audit scope 4 SWS), and
  • Special Topics in Automated and Connected Driving (#78051/audit scope 4 SWS) 

are asked to first register for this modular exams at the examination office and subsequently by using a Hyperlink on our web page. The activation of the hyperlink is being effected a few weeks after the end of the registration period of the Examination Office and will be announced early enough at this Point. Registering at the IVK is not possible without being registered at the examination Office. In special cases, a personal registration in the Lehrstuhlzimmer during IVK-Registration period is necessary.

For all modules that are fixed Content (for which no individual choice of subject combination possible), a seperate login to the IVK is not required.


For the summer semester 2018 you may apply for exams expected from 18.06.2018 to 09.07.2018 Opens external link in new windowhere:




Before Registration of your first modular exam you need to confirm the plan overview.



Modification Examination Mode: 

Beginning winter semester 2017/2018 Opens external link in new windowfollowing Exams are only written exams.

Exam Registration for Erasmus-, Overseas- or other international Students

Erasmus-Students can contact:

 Opens window for sending email Mathias Jaksch

Please provide the following information when you request:

  • Surname, first Name
  • Adress
  • Matr.-Nr.
  • E-Mail Adress
  • Contact Person an the University of Stuttgart