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Head of Department:


Dr.-Ing. Gerd Baumann

Ph.: +49 711 685-68116

Scope of Work:

  • Development processes and testing procedures for embedded software in motor vehicle ECUs with the use of graphical development tools;
  • Real-time simulation of vehicle dynamics, powertrain and electronics;
  • New technologies for driving simulators;
  • Design and implementation of control systems for motor vehicle drives, particularly for drives and hybrid systems;
  • Self-learning driver assistance systems;
  • Testing procedures for networked motor vehicle electronics.


  • All-wheel drive powertrain and hybrid vehicle test bench with real and simulated internal combustion engine as well as high-voltage electrical system (under development);
  • Several driving simulators with visual, acoustic and haptic feedback;
  • Various real-time simulation computers and rapid prototyping systems;
  • Extensive software systems for simulation, control and development of ECU software;
  • Testing system and measuring technique for motor vehicle electronics.