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Engine Acoustics and Mechanics

Head of Department:


Dr.-Ing. Ulrich Philipp

Ph.: +49 711 685-65622

Scope of Work:

  • Development of engines and engine components;
  • Reduction of mechanical and combustion-induced engine noise;
  • Investigation of noise creation by measuring secondary piston movements, crankshaft shifts, valve movements and combustion pressure indication;
  • Determination of structure-borne sound routing;
  • Measurement and calculation of sound emission by engines,
  • Friction power loss analysis and optimization.


  • Anechoic engine test benches;
  • Vibration exciter;
  • Multi-channel data acquisition systems with software for performing signal analyses, operating vibration analyses, modal analyses, statistics;
  • Sound intensity measuring technique;
  • Laser vibration measuring technique;
  • Friction power loss test bench.