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Thermodynamics and Combustion Processes

Head of Department:


Dipl.-Ing. Hans-Jürgen Berner

Ph.: +49 711 685-65714

Scope of Work:

  • Development of engines and engine components;
  • Internal combustion engines for hydrogen and natural gas operation;
  • Supercharging of DI gasoline and DI diesel engines;
  • Exhaust-gas aftertreatment strategies;
  • Heat balances;
  • Combustion chamber pressure indication, combustion and injection characteristic calculation;
  • Knock detection and rotational non-uniformity analysis;
  • Determination of consumption, emission and ignition characteristic maps of internal combustion engines;
  • Characteristic map application;
  • Acquisition of combustion chamber soot temperature with integral fiber optics measuring technique


  • Test benches for engines up to 850 kW and 10,000 min-1;
  • Special test benches for instationary experiments;
  • Special test benches for small and outboard engines (up to 30,000 min-1);
  • Dynamic engine test bench for standard and hydrogen engines for the simulation of total vehicles;
  • Aggregate test bench for mechanical chargers;
  • Systems for conditioning intake air, motor oil, coolant, fuel and charge air;
  • External charging systems;
  • Exhaust-gas roller dynamometer with rarefaction tunnel, CVS system and particle collector;
  • Exhaust-gas analysis systems for CO, CO2, NOX, HC, H2 and CH4;
  • Measuring devices for determining the exhaust-gas opacification and black smoke number for diesel engines;
  • Injection pressure test bench;
  • Powerful indication systems;
  • Knock detection and rotational non-uniformity analysis.